BTS: Kim Taehyung Serves Stylish Travel Look With His Mute Boston Bag

The BTS V singer, aka Kim Taehyung, turned heads at Incheon Airport with his look. The Winter Bear singer brought his Boston Mute bag for his flight to the United States.

BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, V and Jimin were spotted at Incheon International Airport in Incheon, South Korea as they boarded the flight to Las Vegas for the 2022 Grammys. However, fans were surprised when Kim Taehyung walked out with her Mute Boston bag. The stylish bag was released by V earlier this year as part of BTS’ artist made collection.

Photos from the airport showed the Winter Bear singer heading for his flight wearing a floral print t-shirt, topped with a brown coat which he teamed with cream-coloured trousers. The singer wore headphones while the bag rested on his shoulder. Videos and photos of Taehyung from the airport gave fans an idea of ​​his OOTD, the Christmas tree singer also shared a photo of his look at the airport on Instagram.

In the photo, TaeTae struck a stylish pose with the bag in his hand. He was seen without a mask but with a pair of sunglasses. Taehyung looked away from the camera as the photo was taken. He shared the post with a teasing caption, “Should I give you my bag?” The popular brown bag was sold out within minutes of its launch.

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The look was a huge win among fans, with many crowning Taehyung as the “king of fashion.” “Kim Taehyung is truly a fashion king!” tweeted a fan. “I will crown Kim Taehyung as the king of fashion,” another fan said. “This Kim Taehyung is already iconic. Airport Fashion King Taehyung,” said a third fan.

Meanwhile, it is reported that Jungkook left for the United States before his colleagues. The reason for his early escape is unknown. On the other hand, JHope is expected to join the members after recovering from Covid19.

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