How I Planned The Perfect Backyard Staycation With Kids

Most of us are fed up with going around and around in a room, and “Loneliness” is a core emotion we have felt during long social distance-time because of Covid 19. Cutting out every interaction with the world makes us become depressed and awful and angry. Similarly to us, the children’s lives have been affected by social distancing measures aimed at controlling pandemics. In my view, missing out on daily connections with their friends and teachers can disturb their emotions and development. 

But we still have methods to cool down everything.  Why not try to celebrate a small picnic at home to refresh your dearest people?  A backyard picnic sounds like a great idea.  I have been doing it, and it was delicious. Now I will share with you several backyard picnic ideas to balance your lives.

Maybe I have to admit that thinking about what we eat at the picnic is more important than what we wear with me, especially at a backyard picnic. My family is still faithful with shorts and floral rompers style. Cute toddler shorts are great pieces of picnic to keep your kids comfy and festive during hot summer days. Other good priority examples include toddler girl summer shorts, toddler shorts, summer shirts, crop tops, striped skirt dresses, etc.

Preparing carefully what to eat for that day

How I Planned The Perfect Backyard Staycation With Kids

These days, you have more time than any occasion so make efforts to prepare delicious dishes for your kids. It is also a good time to encourage your kids to prepare food with you.  How funny and wonderful it is!

Here are some best picnic foods you can refer to: 

Fried chicken: Almost all kids like this course, and it is not too difficult to do. Try to make a new recipe by covering breast chicken with corn flakes and then baking them, you will have a delicious dish without too much oil. 

Sandwiches: Because of their convenience, sandwiches are an essential portable meal that can not be lacking for a family picnic. This tasty recipe works well in hot conditions. Moreover, they are easy to make, love, and pack and won’t take much time to prepare. With a traditional recipe, you can put between two pieces of bread with some sliced turkey breast, bacon, sliced boiled eggs, tomato, garlic, mint vegetables, mayonnaise, or chili sauce then you will have a fantastic lunch. 

Salad: Fruits and vegetables are really good for the body, but sometimes the kids aren’t interested much. So you need to create many kinds of salad by coordinating fruits and vegetables with awesome recipes that can help your kids enjoy it. Some salad options you can choose cucumber salad, bean salad, pasta salad, caponata pasta salad…

Garlic bread: This is another healthy food that no one can refuse. A toasted bread lather with garlic and butter will be a top favorite munch for the family. It can be prepared in just 15 minutes.

Homemade pizza: A wonderful dish for hungry kids. For older children, you can guide them to make a pizza by themselves under your supervision. 

Drink: Fresh drinks will complete your outdoor picnic and make it more perfect. When your kids are under the sun and the wind, especially as they run and play outdoor activities, they easily get dehydrated. So remember to prepare plenty of thirst-quenching drinks. Water is an important part of all picnics. Always bring along a big bottle of water, even if you have a lot of other drinks. You can use fruit presses to make a variety of fruit juices to satisfy your kids’ tastes. For some reason, homemade lemonade is still a lovely juice and the easiest to make.  If you plan to memorize romantic moments with your husband, let’s prepare some wine. For sure, both of you will have the best happy time ever. 

Desserts: You can use fruits from your garden as organic desserts. Some cupcakes, mini cheesecakes, and dry fruits can be good ideas too. 

A blanket to start your backyard picnic

The right picnic blanket is essential in creating a perfect picnic day. Before choosing a blanket, consider what kind of feel and features you want. You should choose a waterproof blanket to keep you dry as much as possible from the ground’s dampness. 

A mini folding table to set up

Family gathering

The table will help your space be tidy and scientific when you arrange everything. It can also be used as an eating table. For more romance, you can decorate some flowers on it. You should put knives and scissors on there to easily find when you need to use them. 

Enjoy a peaceful time with the music.

Music is a regular thing in my life. Music has powerful and big effects on both body and mind. Depression, anxiety, and other negative emotions will cool down when you listen to music. Make some noise with a small portable speaker, and let’s dance together. Just relax and immerse in music and enjoy a peaceful time because you deserve it. 


Garden sunbathing is a good suggestion. Why not try to do this? Imagine when the sun moves to your garden, you lie down on the grasses, see the blue sky and feel the gentle wind. It is so great. Let’s do it with other members of your family. And don’t forget to use suncream.

Playing games with kids.

Family activities are good and useful for the whole family. Playing with kids strengthens love and compassion and helps them achieve many of their skills. This also helps the kids be more dynamic and supportive and reduces stress for parents. There are many games you can select to play with all family members but do not require difficult conditions. 

Traditional games are still interesting with the kids, like hiding and seek, water gun shooting range, volleyball, etc. Let’s encourage your kids to be active and help them develop skills through useful games.