Matching Family Pajamas: How to Pick the Right Material

While many factors decide whether a set of PJs is good or not, you should always consider their material first. Here we have a quick guide on how to pick the right material for your matching family pajamas. Let’s check it out!

What To Note When Picking Family PJs

For us – the adults, we probably know the fabrics that will suit our preferences. But as you are buying matching family pajamas you need to ensure that your baby’s outfit is also comfortable and safe for them. Most experts agree that children’s wardrobes should have good ventilation, the ability to absorb moisture, and prevent allergies.

Moreover, you do not want a set of PJs that your children refuse to wear. So, include them in the shopping progress. Show them the different options and see which one is their favorite.

Best Materials For Matching Family Pajamas

Here are the overviews for the top suitable fabrics for family matching pajamas:


Cotton is lightweight, comfortable, and very environmentally friendly. It does not cause allergies and is highly chemical resistant so this fabric is safe for a baby’s skin. Moreover, cotton also allows air to pass through it, is durable, and can absorb and retain moisture. Thanks to these characteristics, cotton pajama sets are the perfect matching family outfits for any time of the year. 

Nevertheless, cotton clothes are difficult to iron properly and may shrink after the first wash (that is why a small amount of elastane or polyester is allowed in cotton items).


Linen is quite similar to cotton, and it’s also one of the most popular natural fabrics. It’s non-toxic and very durable. Linen pajamas are perfect for the hot weather in summer as it passes air well and absorbs moisture. 

Linen is also quite difficult to iron. Natural linen can be hard to touch, which is not very good for a baby’s skin. However, it’s still a good option when buying matching family pajamas.


The satin fabric has a glossy surface and looks like silk. It is well-ventilated and easy to iron. Thanks to its low thermal conductivity, satin can maintain the body temperature, especially children’s body temperature. Clothing items made from satin almost do not wrinkle and are very durable. With all these characteristics, satin is a great choice for warm-weather clothes.

But like other fabrics, satin also has drawbacks. In fact, it can be difficult to sew and work with due to its shiny, slippery texture.


Fleece is a synthetic artificial fabric. It’s durable, easy to wash, dries quickly, and does not deform. In addition, fleece does not cause allergies and is also very breathable. Due to this set of advantages, fleece fabric is the perfect material if your family plans to wear matching outfits for outdoor activities. 
On the other hand, fleece also has some drawbacks. Indeed, it’s prone to attracting dust, lint, and pet hair due to high amounts of static electricity.


Wool is another natural fabric with a handful of benefits. In fact, it can retain a great amount of heat and almost does not get dirty while staying extremely lightweight and durable. Therefore, wool pajamas are the right choice to keep your family warm and toasty in winter.
Nevertheless, some types of woolen fibers cause discomfort when worn. This fabric also needs dry cleaning as it weakens when wet and can be harmed by bleach or perspiration. Therefore, choosing kid’s items from woolen fabric requires extra attention and care.

The Bottom Line

Family matching pajamas are probably the perfect choice for any holiday. They are great for family bonding, family photos while keeping everybody comfortable. So, you need to make sure you pick the right material when it comes to buying cute matching pajamas.