10 Most Loyal Friendship in Anime

It’s hard to find an anime that doesn’t have good friendships. A well-known trope of anime is that the power of friendship can overcome any obstacle. Relying too heavily on a topic like this can lead to criticism for a series most people enjoy watching friends work together.

When the chips are off and the situation looks dire, how will your friends act? Here are 10 friendships that have proved unbreakable even in the face of impending doom.

10) Saiki K. and his classmates

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Although he won’t admit it, Saiki is loyal to a fault. Throughout the anime, he reluctantly gains a swath of energetic friends. Despite his best efforts to spend his free time alone, Saiki is constantly roped into activities and outings.Premonitions of dangerous events sometimes push the psychic to tag along with his oblivious buddies. Although he claims to consider the group to be disruptive and annoying, the protagonist will go to any end to protect his friends.

9) Kakashi and Obito


For years, Kakashi assumed that his best friend was dead. He regularly visited Obito’s grave to express his regret for being unable to save him. This loyalty was one-sided for quite a while, as the Uchiha had secretly survived and been indoctrinated by Madara.However, in the final hour of Obito’s life, he sided with Team 7 to help take down Kaguya. By sacrificing his life for his fellow Konoha Shinobi, Obito finally repaid Kakashi’s loyalty.

8) Meliodas and Ban

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The two were in the same unit for quite some time. Soldiers tried to kill Ban several times while he was held captive in a tightly guarded prison. It was Meliodas who came to his aid.The friendship between the two grew even more after Ban returned the favor by entering Purgatory to rescue Meliodas.After overcoming so many obstacles together, Ban considered Meliodas to be one of his closest friends. Despite being immortal, Ban knew that Meliodas would sacrifice his life for him at any moment, and he was prepared to do the same.

7) Naruto and everyone

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There’s a reason why anime fans joke about Naruto’s “talk-no-jutsu.” The series protagonist often opts to work things out nonviolently when possible. If that doesn’t work though, he won’t hesitate to take an enemy down. This approach garnered Naruto a lot of respect from his peers.Throughout the series, the audience watches Naruto evolve from village outcast to hometown hero. He is always willing to risk his life for his friends, and over time, many of them return the favor.

6) Goku and Krillin


One of the most iconic anime friendships started out as a rivalry. Both Goku and Krillin sought training from the legendary Master Roshi. Even under the Turtle Master’s tutelage, it took a while for the two to become friendly. By the time Dragon Ball Z begins, the fellow Turtle students are as close as they can be.Krillin stood by Goku’s side against threats such as the Saiyans, the Androids, Cell, Buu, and many more. We can’t forget that the bald Z Fighter traveled to Planet Namek with Bulma and Gohan while his best friend recovered from fighting Vegeta.Even on a far away planet, Krillin maintained the trust that Goku would join the group and save the day. The two are so close that watching Krillin die by Frieza’s hand was a powerful enough trigger to unleash Goku’s first Super Saiyan transformation.

5) Itadori and Megumi

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These two first-year students at Tokyo Jujutsu High School have faced peril together many times. Despite the stark contrasts in their personalities, both refuse to allow their comrades to die. Whether it means losing a limb or even their life, Itadori and Megumi will stand at each other’s side.In Season one of the anime alone, both characters placed themselves in danger to protect the other.

4) Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu

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This unlikely trio of anime friends have been to the brink of death and back as a unit many times. They fight together, recover together, train together, and even cry together.Their personalities make them a well rounded group. Inosuke’s boldness makes up for Zenitsu’s cowardice. Tanjiro’s presence of mind keeps Inosuke from being too brash. Zenitsu’s speed and hearing help protect Tanjiro when he gets in too deep.Throughout Demon Slayer, these three swordsmen learn to fight together in sync. Their chemistry, both in and out of combat, is beautifully depicted in the anime.

3) Gon and Killua

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It is difficult to find a friendship more pure than that of Gon and Killua. The two first met at the Hunter Exam and have stuck together ever since. Despite standing face-to-face with death countless times, their childish nature prevails.When the two aren’t busy teaming up on an enemy, they laugh and explore like innocent children.

2) Giriko and Arachne

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When Giriko’s master, Arachne, lost her body, he guarded her soul. He maintained his loyalty to her for centuries in the anime, transferring his memories and soul into his children. Upon her revival, Giriko is her strongest soldier.After Maka and Soul kill Arachne permanently, Giriko finally dies while trying to avenge her because without her, he has no reason to live.

1) The Straw Hat Pirates

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Nobody can top the friendship between the members of the Straw Hats. The anime characters in this bunch may butt heads at times, but their loyalty is never in question.Luffy has led his crew to great ends in order to recover members who attempted to leave for selfless reasons. The Straw Hats infiltrated Arlong Park to rescue Nami, Enies Lobby to save Nico Robin, and Whole Cake Island to recover Sanji.The One Piece anime beautifully depicts the trust that the Straw Hats have for one another. Their chemistry is on display at every part of their epic adventure. They fight, celebrate, mourn, and sail the seas as a unit.If there’s one thing that Luffy’s band of diverse crew members all have in common, it’s that they would stake their own lives to support or save their captain (well, maybe except for Usopp).