5 Naruto Characters With The Most Self Control

Numerous characters have been introduced during the course of Naruto, and every character is unique with specific traits that define them. That being said, there are a few characters who have common characteristics.

Some of these characters are pretty rational, use logic under challenging situations, and have good self-control in any given condition. Some characters are on the other end of the spectrum, and their actions are usually dictated by their emotions. These characters are rather reckless, and some have suffered dire consequences because of their recklessness.

5 Naruto characters that have the most self control

1) Shikamaru

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Shikamaru is one of the brightest and most calculative shinobis in the Naruto series. He rarely acts on impulse and has a ton of self-control, even at times when emotions can run high. One such example is how he fought against Hidan despite watching his own mentor die in that mission. Shikamaru was careful in devising a plan and successfully killed him.

2) Sasuke

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There are moments when Sasuke has acted on an impulse or due to his rage, but for the most part, he’s quite careful and thinks before engaging with someone in combat. His ability to analyze any situation is impressive and has often given him the upper hand during numerous missions. Sasuke’s self-control only grew as the series progressed and is at an all-time high in the Boruto series.

3) Hashirama


Hashirama is someone who is relatively calm and always makes decisions based on logic and not emotion. He is someone who played an essential role in creating Konohagakure and tried his best to ensure that the Uchiha clan and the Senju clan lived in harmony. Given their past, it couldn’t have been possible without Hashirama’s calm demeanor. Hashirama has shown self-control and patience on numerous occasions but was also someone who would do anything to protect the ones close to him.

4) Minato

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Minato is someone that doesn’t resort to violence at the first opportunity he gets. He is exceptionally gentle and kind to those who aren’t inherently evil. The way he treated his wife and the fact that he gave up his life to protect Naruto and his village is a testament to the aforementioned statement. Minato has constantly displayed self-control on numerous occasions as he has always analyzed the situation and come up with the best solution for any particular scenario.

5) Kakashi

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Kakashi is said to be one of the most brilliant characters in the Naruto series. Very few characters can match his battle intelligence, and his ability to evaluate any situation to come up with the best possible solution shows how much self-control and intelligence he has. It is very easy for anyone to act based on one’s emotions, but being able to act solely on reason, consistently is proof of self-control. That doesn’t mean that Kakashi does not care for his comrades since he firmly believes that comrades’ lives are more important than any mission assigned to a shinobi.

Characters that act based on impulse

1) Naruto

There is no doubt that Naruto is one of the characters who deals with enthusiasm in most situations. There is a reason why fans will be surprised every time they make a strategy and take a step. Naruto has proven several times that he is not one of the best characters in the series.

Many times in the series, he let his anger dictate his actions. Due to his many chakra reserves and he is Nine Tail Jinchuriki, he has no serious consequences.

2) Rock Lee

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Rock Lee is one of the most popular characters in the series, well-known for his taijutsu prowess and his high energy levels. He is constantly training and is motivated at all times. However, he is the type of character who will jump into a fight before evaluating the situation or his opponent.

Rock Lee can be a little reckless at times. The aftermath of the fight against Gaara during the chunin exams was so bad that Rock Lee almost couldn’t go back to being a shinobi if not for Tsunade’s efforts.

3) Hidan

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When Hidan’s character was introduced to the series, fans saw how arrogant and evil he was. He was a man who respected nothing but anyone but his religion. His immortality left him extremely indifferent, because death was not a consequence he would have to suffer. However, Shikamaru is able to place him in his place and defeats him shortly after Asuma is killed. Hidan eventually paid the price for his arrogance and indifference.

4) Madara


Madara is very good at fighting intelligence, and this has been proven on many occasions. But his rudeness comes from his arrogance. One such incident was when he argued with Might Guy after opening all eight gates.

Madara did not take him seriously because he was in the form of Ten Tail Jinchuriki. However, Madara almost dies fighting Guy. Her choice to use the Truth-Seeking Orbs did not save her from Guy’s attack, and Madara almost paid for it.

5) Choji

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Choji never gets as much time on the screen as the other characters on this list. However, there are several incidents that underscore Choji’s indifference to the series. Choji is the type of person who fights anyone who calls himself fat. It was something Choji asked immediately and he would not hesitate to go to the man in battle. Otherwise, Choji seems relatively calm, which was seen in the early stages of the series, when he missed training several times.