Dragon Ball: Who Is Chi-Chi’s Mother?

Dragon Ball fans may know Goku’s parents and Chi-Chi’s father, but Chi-Chi’s mother remains hidden in the secret. Here is what is known about her.

The surname of the Son’s family is equally known from his father’s side. Both of Goku’s parents, Bardock and Gine, are fully seated in the Dragon Ball cannon. However, the same is not said of the mother of the tree.

Chi-Chi’s parents aren’t as strong as Goku. Ox-King has a relatively long history as a man who has existed since the beginning of Dragon Ball, anyone who knows about Bardock may ask otherwise. As for Mother Chi-Chi, she is completely shrouded in mystery; She never appeared physically in the series and only mentioned it for a while. To solve this situation, here is everything you need to know about Mother Chi-Chi based on the little that has been found about her.

10. Chi Chi and Ox King 2

Chi-Chi’s mother apparently began as Ox-King’s wife. It seems to speak for itself, but it is not clear. It is not said what relationship the two have, whether it is sweet or miserable. For all you know, they were alone together for their daughter.

Fortunately, mother Chi-Chi and Ox-King seem to have a good relationship. Ox-King recalls his time with his ex-wife and suggests that there were more good times between them than bad ones. The way he handed over his wife’s old wedding dress to his daughter also suggests this. While the parent side of the story has yet to be revealed, mutual feelings are likely.

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What actually happened to Chi-Chi’s mother is even more tragic. She apparently died a natural death just when her daughter was born. This means that Chi-Chi never knew the woman personally and was only at her father’s word to pass.

The only visual presentation of Mother Chi-Chi is in episode 149 of the original Dragon Ball, “Dress in Flames”. Here is a picture of a woman embracing her baby girl while sitting on her husband’s palm. Not small, Ox-King is the same size.

Unfortunately, no face can be seen in any of the images. This may be related to a phase of demand that is not a canon in the manga. When Akira Toriyama decides to write about Chi-Chi’s mother and it’s not what Toei Animation thinks, they have trouble.

Dragon Ball Chi Chi Best Fights Trio

But what an ox queen looks like is easy to guess when looking at her daughter. Chi-Chi apparently didn’t inherit her appearance from her father, so she probably got it from her mother. If the face of the ox queen is revealed and looks like Chi-Chi, it will not be a surprise.

As is already the case, it seems that Chi-Chi’s mother will not officially appear at Dragon Ball in the foreseeable future. This franchise has moved very far from its simple, early roots to a whole multiverse of science fiction and gods. Even Ox-King appeared in Dragon Ball Super only briefly. It’s hard to imagine how Mother Chi-Chi would think of everything that was happening now.

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