The Best Anime To Watch After Winx Club

Are you looking for a magical girl’s story as good as Winx Club? Here are some of the best anime to watch after finishing the fairy series.

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Beautiful teenage girls who turned into fairies and studied at a magic school were all she longed for in the 2000s. Winx Club also brings a huge catalog of beautiful visuals and surprising changes. Each season has its own theme, a different story and of course even more beautiful fairy clothes. The show successfully implements the basic elements of what makes a magical girl anime ticking.

Since its restart in 2004, Winx Club has enjoyed eight seasons and gained worldwide popularity. However, fans who indulge in watching the film can sometimes feel nostalgic for many magical girl stories. Fortunately, there are several series that have the same vibe, so here are some titles you can try after watching Winx Club.

W.I.T.C.H. Is Practically Winx Club’s Incarnation


Produced by the French studio SIP Animation, W.I.T.C.H. probably has the most similarities with Winx Club when it comes to changing styles and characters. The story is about five teenage girls who somehow become the guardians of a magical land known as Meridian. Will and her friends are recruited to become Veil Rangers, gaining the power of the elements. WITCH. based on the comics of the same name and runs in two seasons. The elements of women’s magic are very justified in this series, especially in comparison with the Winx Club.

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Sailor Moon Is the Pioneer of the Magical Girl Genre

Sailor Moon Eternal

It is safe to say that Sailor Moon launched the magical female genre to new heights with its release in 1992. It is the anime debut 30 years ago, but it remains a popular show. . The story focuses on a high school student in Tokyo named Usagi Tsukino. One day, She discovers that she can turn into a magical hero with incredible abilities, and then she becomes a mission to save the Earth from evil forces.

She is accompanied by other members, each with different powers and representing different elements. There’s comedy, emotions, action, romance and lots of costumes – classic elements of what anime fans expect from a good series of magic girls.

Totally Spies! Offers a Fresh Take

Totally Spies 10 Cropped

It’s not a magic show, it’s Totally Spies! offers the same atmosphere as Winx Club and a stimulating story. Instead of being fairies with wings and costumes, Sam, Alex and Clover are three ordinary young girls trying to go through high school. They look normal on the outside, but the three live secretly like international spies.

A secret government organization hires women to deal with espionage cases around the world. They may not have wings or shiny skirts, but they use their raw skills, wisdom, and advanced technology every day to defeat evil. Real spies! it premiered in 2001 and lasted six seasons, a spin-off series and even a movie.

Tokyo Mew Mew Is as Cute as Its Name

Tokyo Mew Mew SM

Things are a bit hairy but magical in Tokyo Mew Mew, because her main character actually turns out to be a magical woman with cats. Ichigo Momomiya is an ordinary girl who tries to date her love, but events become a strange turn when she falls asleep and dreams of a cat entering her body. If that wasn’t enough, she also began to see feline behavior and eventually became a woman with cat ears.

Ichigo later found out that some researchers had injected her Iriomote Cat DNA to make her a magical woman to fight aliens. Along the way, she realizes that she is not alone and other women join him against the impending doom.

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