Which 90s Sailor Moon Anime Season Is the Best?

In the 1990s, the original Sailor Moon animation made a huge impact in its own right and had a long history and passion for fans. But which season is the best?

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One of the most popular anime and manga franchises of the 1990s was Naoko Takeuchi’s Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. The anime, which first appeared in Japan in 1991, recently became a huge hit in 1992. Three years later, it was still licensed in the United States by DiC Entertainment in 1995 and Cloverway in 1999.

The first Black English version of the anime started a bit due to heavy censorship and the last season was over, but luckily for Sailor Moon fans, Viz Media released the first anime and released the new English version. black in 2014. The new English version from Viz Media not only retains the old titles, story and character content, but also includes the final episode, Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars, available in English for the first time in 2019.

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Toei Animation rebooted the Sailor Moon franchise in 2014 with a new anime adaptation as Sailor Moon Crystal, and the Sailor Moon Eternal feature film and Sailor Moon Cosmos now seem like a good time to revisit the classic 1990s. Japanese animated film. But which season is the best? Every Sailor Moon fan has a favorite moment that they consider “the best” in terms of drama, story, character development, and weather, but the praise has to go for the fifth and final season, Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars.

Starting with the animation itself, each character has been redesigned by Sailor Stars. The animation is similar to the previous season’s Sailor Moon Supers, but the animation has many similarities in Sailor Stars and does not change like in Supers. Another variation of the anime from the previous season is that Sailor Stars has more beautiful colors. It doesn’t look any brighter than in the past, but the colors are still more realistic and slightly lower, matching the tone of the story.

Another reason why Sailor Stars stands out as the best season is that it has a more mature story with a darker tone than Sailor Moon S. One of the reasons Dark Story is because of that the villain , Sailors. Galaxia is another Sailor Guardian who has similar power to Usagi Tsukino, also known as Sailor Moon. Usagi faced all kinds of terrible dangers, but no one died like Sailor Galaxia. While previous villains failed in their plans to destroy the planet or space, Sailor Galaxia succeeded in her plans. Before coming to Earth, he had destroyed millions of planets in the galaxy and killed millions of Sailor Guardians.

sailor moon sailor stars princess serenity

Sailor Galaxia’s ability to pull off her plan of devastation provided Usagi with two things. First, he must reevaluate her belief that every Sailor Guardian is good. Second, it makes him reconsider her importance and the act he must take to defeat another Sailor Guardian who is still the greatest threat to the world. Unlike her former foes, Sailor Galaxia could not be defeated as she was too strong to defeat with a wand or powerful spell. Another reason Sailor Galaxia turned out to be Sailor Moon’s deadliest enemy is because she managed to kill friends and loved ones, forcing Usagi to fight in a completely different way than he did. was used to.

Sailor Galaxia does not immediately kill the inner and outer guards, but kills Usagi’s fiancée Mamoru Chiba (aka Tuxedo Mask) at the start of the story. This allows the heroine name to focus less on romantic relationships and more on friends who need character development. Mamoru’s fall plagued Usagi for most of the Sailor Stars, but it also gave her a chance to meet some newcomers.

In particular, he was able to meet someone potentially successful for her special investment in Mamoru. Additionally, the so-called Sailor Star Fighter, Seiya Kou, did the job. One of the things that made Usagi and Seiya’s friendship so beautiful was the fact that she and Mamoru’s past relationship felt new and fresh. Although Mamoru wasn’t the first to praise Usagi in Season 1 and he took time to warm up, Seiya immediately liked him due to her displeasure with her celebrities.

Seiya and Usagi

They also don’t know each other secretly, which makes the story even more interesting as Usagi only knows Seiya as a male pop singer and never thinks of him as the female Sailor Starfighter. After a period of mistrust after Usagi and Seiya find themselves alone, they learn that they value their friendship more than ever since they were two guardians of Sailor.

Although Usagi does not reciprocate Seiya’s romantic feelings for her love for Mamoru, she still enjoys being with Seiya and loving him as a friend. But Usa isn’t the only one with a different love affair with the other Sailor Guardian. The other two Sailor Starlights – Yaten Kou (Sailor Star Healer) and Kou Taiki (Sailor Star Maker) – are also favorites of Usagi’s friends. Minako Aino, known to The Guardian as Sailor Venus, decided to establish a relationship with one of the two, especially Yaten.

While it was time to finally meet Sailor Galaxia, the time the Inner Guardians and Sailor Starlight spent together throughout the season helped solidify their relationship in a way that had never happened with the Guardians. . Although Sailor Galaxia eventually slew the guards inside and out, they did not fall without a battle, and Sailor Starlight was left to defend Sailor Moon even unaided. As the prototype couldn’t bring down Galaxia, Usagi realized that he had to use her light to free Galaxia from the darkness that brought him in.


Usagi wouldn’t be able to maintain her light without her love for her friends, loved ones, and ultimately the world he lives in. But that power can only be gained by pushing it to the limit, and that’s exactly what Galaxia does to it. Usagi must lose a partner to strengthen other relationships and create new ones. He also had to lose everyone who was important to him in order to understand the value of the relationship to promote her compassion, which was her only weapon against the Galaxia Incarnate Darkness. For all these reasons, Sailor Stars is the highlight of Sailor Moon.