BTS Reveals Their Retirement Age From Music

There is still the question of bands whether they will continue to work together? Who will leave first? Will they break out soon? BTS, for all its success, is no exception to the rule.

The case of BTS can be examined from different angles, such as age, members are between 24 – 29 years, it’s a risk. Their oldest member, Jin, who is almost 30 years old, must soon enter compulsory military service, and the South Korean authorities have offered a maximum age of 30 until the idols enlist in the army.

From another point of view, all members still have a contract with HYBE, their record company, for how long? What will happen to them then?

BTS as a boys’ band is under the representation and management of HYBE, with a signed contract valid until July 2027. After this date, all members will discuss and announce the renovation or termination of the contract. This will depend on whether Bangtan continues to promote himself as a band, or whether all or some members decide to retire, or whether the band still has small members, some of whom may be at risk of starting a solo career.

BTS Dynamite

In the 8 years that the band has been collaborating, they have been asked many times. One recurring question is, at what age do they plan to retire? BTS leader Kim Namjoon said he sees himself and the rest of the band working together for many years, even if they become a father.

RM said he wanted to be a father in the future. Regardless of his personal life, the rapper and group leader said that he, like the other members, would like to continue working together while still being supported by his fans.

Jimin, Jin, V, Jungkook, Suga, J-Hope and RM are currently working on their solo careers to promote themselves as a band, so we can appreciate different rhythms and influences on their album.

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