How My Dress-Up Darling’s Marin and Gojo Built Anime’s Healthiest Friendship

Marin from My Dress-Up Darling is more sociable than Gojo, but she also knows how to respect the boundaries of her shy co-leader.

My Dress-Up Darling, a popular shojo-style anime series in the winter season of 2022, is the story of an impossible friendship between the departing Kitagawa Marina and the shy Gojo Wakana. At first they were not the same, but they shared a passion for cosplay and costumes, and later they became very good cosplay friends and comrades.

The two characters play well together and enrich each other’s daily lives during their adventures to create the best cosplay of all time, but most importantly, Marin hardly uses his strong personalities when it comes to Gojo. Sometimes she mocks her as a saddled Nagatoro style, but if you don’t respect who and what she is, it matters. Here’s how My Dress-Up Darling partners have built a somewhat erotic but basically good friendship.

How Marin Respects Gojo’s Boundaries In My Dress-Up Darling

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At first glance, everything Marin does is Gojo’s toy and suffers from his shrewd behavior and unpredictable, bizarre behavior. This is true on one level, but Marin proves to be a true friend by respecting him for who he is.

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He knows that he can make fun of Goja and let him have a new world out of him without trying to change his personality or look at the world. It is common for stories, anime or otherwise, to depict a silent introvert, such as Gojo, coming out of his shell and joining extroverts, but this report can be detrimental rather than beneficial in many cases.

Introverts don’t need extroverts to “fix” them. However, Marin understands Gojo’s embarrassed and industrious nature and decides to take advantage of their relationship without questioning his personality. No one in My Dress-Up Darling has ever said or suggested that she needed to change her ways to fit her, nor did she suggest that she was among them by hiding and being humiliated. Marin obviously prefers outgoing and lifelong friends like him, but he would also appreciate what Gojo brings to their company, cosplay and more.

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Marin sees Gojo’s introverted, down-to-earth figure almost as a novelty to be admired, and may feel guilty if he was inadvertently forced to change his ways to suit his own lifestyle. They enjoyed sharing their daily lives with him during My Dress-Up Darling and even mocking him, but also keeping the line between them. He doesn’t want Gojo to be someone who isn’t him, which is an important way to respect who and what he is. It’s ridiculous is one thing – trying to devalue an introvert’s lifestyle is another.

How Marin & Gojo Mesh As Contrasting Characters

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Marin realized from the start that she and Gozo are very different people with different self-images, backgrounds, and personalities, and she respects that in every way. Being friends with her means finding common ground, and she does just that. In fact, the two even find ways to address each other’s weaknesses, which means that having two Marin-type personalities in this relationship would hold the partnership back. Marin needs what only Gozo can provide. Otherwise, she would have sought help from a friend instead.

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She respects Gozo not only as a friend but also as a skilled partner who can do what she cannot, and vice versa. Being a hardworking, humble introvert, Gozo is ideal for work-intensive tasks that require diligence rather than charisma and social skills, and of course, he can finish a costume for Marin in record time. Works silently all night. He also channels My Hero Academia’s Midoriya Izuku and patiently studies other people’s techniques, being humble enough to learn anything about cosplay, while taking meaningful notes.

This is the companion Marin needed, and as she respects and admires Gozo’s temperament, she has the patience to stand back and let him do his job. During My Dress-Up Darling, she treats him carefully so that she can focus on her work and enjoy it. Marin can tease Gozo but she never questions his mannerisms or personality. She knows how to keep her business partner happy and let her be recognized in her work in her own way – and the results speak for themselves.

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