The My Dress-Up Darling Anime’s Biggest Changes From the Manga

My Dress-Up Darling has always been praised as an honest adaptation of her manga, but there have been several changes. Let’s look at their differences.

Winter 2022 is an exciting time for anime, but nothing more than My Dress-Up Darling. Equally loving a seductive romance between the main characters Gojo and Marin and criticized for exaggerated and exaggerated fan service, this anime forces fans to speak from the first episode.

Now that the last episode of the first series has aired, it is criticized as a real manga adaptation. However, nothing is perfect and there are a few minor changes in the anime – so what exactly has changed from manga to anime?

The first change occurred right after the opening of the first episode. In the anime, we see a young Goy who sees and admires his grandfather’s doll, amazed by her beauty. There is no indication of young Goja in the manga, only a younger version of his grandfather, who tells Goj outside the panel about how he also made dolls one day before a sudden traumatic moment of his childhood revealed that his ex-boyfriend had refused. was for his “feminine” entertainment.

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Apparently this is a small change. The first big change in the first episode was the way Marin and Gojo first dealt. In the manga, he just meets her and apologizes, but in the anime, Marin’s encounter is more exaggerated. He was seen literally flying through the air and landing first in the corner of Goja’s office, which in fact seemed to cause vibrations. A moment later, he made it clear. This change was probably added to add surprises and comedy to the show.

My Dress-Up Darling

In episode 5, the anime cuts out the scene that takes place when Gojo first takes a picture of Marin as Shizuku-tan. In the manga, Gojo is clearly confused after Marin says he didn’t bring any clothes to change. This scene has been changed in favor of easier photomontage from a smartphone. As in episode 8, the scene with fan panty footage is replaced during the beach scene in favor of a bird stealing Marin and Gojo’s lunch. In contrast, the iconic episode of the Love Hotel was unchanged with tea, especially after the excitement of manga fans.

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The last episode of the series has the most manga in anime changes. Immediately, something began to change. In the manga, the episode begins with Gojo working on his next cosplay project, while in the anime he is working on a doll. The biggest limitation in this scene is the presence of Marina’s father. In the manga, he goes home to check on Marin and gets angry when he tells him that he hasn’t done his homework, which requires him to study with Gojo. In the anime, this conversation is reduced to a phone call and viewers will never see Marin’s father on the screen.

Another major change is the order of events. In the manga, the events take place as follows: a meeting with Marina’s father, a school pool, a fireworks festival and a terrible film series. In the anime, however, the film scene is divided into two parts and the scene ends. It’s like this: a movie, a pool scene, a festival, then it ends with Marin calling Goj what he fears in the post-credit scene after he himself saw the sequel.

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Understandably, the screenwriters wanted the season to end happily, so they probably changed things, so Marin ended the season by saying the long-awaited “I love you” to Goj, even though he had never heard of it. The season ended with Marin, who looked straight into the camera and said, “I’ll see you later,” which was probably the heartfelt closure of the fourth wall.

My Dress-Up Darling

The anime is obviously very closely related to the manga, and apart from a few minor cuts and chronological changes, there are no major differences in the plot of the manga from the film, which fans like the manga. With such a good first season, is the second season continuing? The second period has not been announced, but judging by the success, there is no doubt that the announcement will take place soon.

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