How To Maintain Kids Winter Coats From The Snow

I really like looking at the pictures of my kids in the snowfield, and I feel how beautiful and unique they are! Most kids enjoy playing in the snow with lots of exciting games like skiing, building a snowman, painting the snow, etc.; winter coats always go well with them in every situation. 

We can’t deny the importance of kids’ winter coats in extremely cold weather. Therefore, the way to maintain them is no less important than using them. Snow can damage your kids’ winter coats even if they are waterproof. Some kinds of kids’ winter coats are very expensive, so it will be helpful if you know how to protect them from snow and keep them fresh for a long time. 

When your kids play in the snow for a long time, their winter coats can be affected gradually. Wintertime leaves their attire more vulnerable with many problems from dirt and mud mold to streaks, and stains, discoloration. Below are several tips to take care of expensive winter coats. 

Check the label of kids’ winter coats to know how to wash

Kids winter coats

If dirt and salt stains remain on the fabric too long, it will be harder to remove them. So you always follow the particular instructions of the care label on your kids’ winter coats before you clean and treat any stains promptly. Each garment material will have a different way to clean and to be washed. Some coats can be machine washed in your washing machine, others must be hand washed or dry cleaned by a professional laundry firm. 

Launder strategically

To avoid salt and dirt from soaking into the fabric, the idea to clean winter coats is once or twice during winter. You should not do laundry too much. If your kids’ winter coats require dry cleaning, take them to the dry cleaner you often order. Here are particularly washing ways for detailed winter coats:

How to clean a fleece coat

Make sure that all zips and Velcro are zipped up before washing with a mild detergent on a cold cycle. For optimum protection, you can turn your kids’ coats inside out before washing to avoid piling. And don’t forget air drying is the best method for drying your fleece after washing.

How to clean a waterproof coat

winter coats

The waterproof coats should be machine washable and similar to fleece coat washing, you zip all zips and close all Velcro fastenings before washing, including those on the sleeves, which can sometimes be forgotten easily. Before washing in cold water on a  gentle cycle, you could use a mild powder detergent, not a liquid. To ensure the detergent residue is perfectly washed out, please put your kids’ winter coats through the rinse cycle twice before hanging them to dry naturally.

How to clean a down coat

You can clean your kids’ down coats by yourself but should remember some cautions: when coats are wet, they get clumpy, and if not dried correctly, they will not perform as effectively as they have. In this case, it is better to bring them to a professional dry cleaner who can specialize in washing down products to help ensure the fabrics and filling of your kids’ coats are destroyed. But if you still want to wash coats at home, I suggest you should use a very gentle detergent on a cool wash before either machine drying or laying flat to air dry.  For home safe laundering of a down coat with a label that indicates machine washing, you need to refer to the following:

  • Take out loose dirt and mud, zip coat up, close pockets, and turn inside out.
  • Make sure the washing machine doesn’t have residual clothes detergent or fabric softener that can spoil down feathers or strip waterproofing from fabric.
  • Using only machines explicitly designed for down outerwear
  • Use enough amount of cleaning detergent and set the wash cycle to cold/delicate
  • Use rinse cycle 2-3 times if possible to take out all detergent
  • Tumble dry on low heat to avoid melting fabric, and add 2-3 small balls to avoid feather clumping
  • Do not air dry as feathers can clump and smell if left damp too long
  • Make sure coats are finally dry before wearing

How to clean a wool-blend winter coat

A majority of wool blend coats can’t be washed safely at home in a machine or hands. They need to be taken to a professional cleaner. In spite of this, there are some excellent ways that can help you to keep your wool or wool-blend winter coats still in the best form.

  • Use a lint roller to remove human hair, pet hair, and lint
  • Get rid of loose threads and reduce pilling with a “sweater shaver”
  • Hang on a cedar hanger to keep moths away
  • Place coat in a garment bag before storage and stuff sleeves with acid-free paper to prevent permanent creases.

Invest in the suitable materials

I always express that the quality of a winter coat is much more important than its style. Some materials are easier to clean than others.  So finding a fabric that you can wash more frequently.

Fleece seems the best fabric for your choice. It can be washed well, won’t pill, and saves its integrity no matter how many times you might throw it in the washing machine. You can turn it inside out to help the outerwear preserve even fresher. Warm water is quite good, but you can also run it through a hot cycle if the stains are too stubborn. Focusing on the collar and sleeves in particular because these areas are easier to get more grungy with time. 

Honestly, before deciding on a purchase, you should carefully consider winter coats that have trusty brands and spend time reading all customer comments about products. The high-quality winter coats keep your kids warm during cold times and are also long-wearing, snowproof, and accessible for cleaning.