Newborn Summer Clothes: Tips for Picking Things up for new Moms

Many parents worry about giving birth in the summer. It’s hot, humid, and sunny. Certainly, it doesn’t sound like an optimum condition for a newborn baby to be comfortable in their first months of life. However, summer is truly the best time for a baby to be born. Their temperature does not regulate well, this means they will never get too hot if good measures are in place.

Newborn Summer Clothes

If the right precautions are taken, summer may end up being the perfect time to give birth. The precautions in question include being aware of your baby’s physical cues, using the right clothing and fabric, and having the appropriate accessories at hand. Our short article hopes to guide you on the proper steps to take to care of and purchase the perfect clothing for a newborn in the summer. 

Best Clothing for Newborns in the Summer

  1. Onesies: Onesies, also known as jumpsuits, babygrows, and rompers, are the perfect newborn summer clothes. Depending on the model, you might not even need to buy any other type of baby clothes. These garments are very versatile, and you can easily dress up your baby in them. At night, you don’t even need to undress your little one in order to change his diaper, which is the best possible outcome for a nightly diaper change. There are plenty of cool newborn baby boy clothes designed as rompers. Most of the designs include cool patterns and catchy phrases. There is a wide offer of extremely cute newborn girl baby clothes in the form of rompers with flower prints and ruffles. You can buy other combinations of garments such as shorts and tees. Nonetheless, onesies take number 1, and you truly will need no other garment to go through your baby’s first few months.
  2. Hats: Sun will be your main enemy right after the heat. Large-brimmed UV hats are a great accessory to have your baby wear. If you are relaxing in your garden, going shopping, or simply walking, put a hat on your little one. Their eyes are very sensitive, as it is their skin. Your number one duty when out is to protect your baby from the Sun.
  3. Baby Muslins: Muslins are not exactly a piece of baby clothing, but they are very versatile. Baby muslins can be used when breastfeeding, to swaddle your newborn, and to cover their bed, among other things. One of the best uses of muslins in the Summer is as a Sun cover. The fabric is thin and breathable, but it prevents the Sun from trespassing. You can cover your baby’s stroller with a big enough muslin, and stop any sun rays from disturbing the moment. 

Best Fabrics for Newborns in the Summer

There are a few fabrics that are perfect for the summer. If they are thin, breathable, and fresh, it will be on our list:

  • Cotton: Muslin is an example of a cotton-manufactured baby item. This fabric is soft and highly absorbent. When cotton is done with other synthetic fibers, it dries very fast. Always ensure that the cotton presence is at least 50% of the garment’s total. 
  • Linen: The natural fabric is an excellent choice for newborn summer clothes. The fabric is fresh to the touch, dries fast, and it’s very soft. The most commonly used combination is cotton and linen to remove the persistent wrinkles that a 100% linen item would have. 
  • Bamboo Rayon: This organically made fabric has non-allergenic properties. It is not only the best choice for the Summertime, but for children with extremely sensitive skin. Clothing made from bamboo rayon is also thermal-regulating. This means it will adjust to the wearer’s body temperature instead of the outside. It is less likely to become too hot. It is an increasingly popular fabric for summer clothes. In fact, you can shop for various gender-neutral baby clothes made from organic fabrics, and bamboo rayon should be on your wishlist.

Perfect Outfit for an Outdoors Walk

You can use a combination of the tips we provided above. All in all, when it’s really hot outside, use clothing with light fabrics such as linen and cotton. Onesies will be your best friends, and newborns usually need at least one more layer of clothing as they still cannot regulate their temperature as well as an adult. For this extra layer of clothing, you can use muslin as a soft blanket or swaddle them. 

Remember to bring your newborn’s hat. In case you want to sit with a friend in a park or just relax in the yard, protecting their skin and eyes takes precedence. Finally, have fun, and enjoy your little one’s first month of life. They grow so fast, now is the time to seize each day and have fun with your baby.