One Punch Man: Garo’s Newest Form Takes His Best Skill to the Extreme

Imitation is Gar’s constant way of raising levels, and his latest enhancement, One-Punch Man, takes this skill to the extreme.

Garo has always improved since his debut One-Punch Man, thanks to his tremendous talent and adaptability. He is constantly looking for strong opponents to use as punching bags and / or steal their techniques – just as he did with Watchdog Man. With his latest change, his unwise copying was also taken for granted.

The planned meeting between Saitama and Gar took place a few months ago, but their match is not over yet. On the other hand, the duel of two powerful characters will only improve over time. Although it was a technical battle, only Garo suffered injuries. Saitama simply confuses Hero Hunter to the point that his existence is later questioned. But when Garo stopped, God approached him and gave him new strength.

Garo Cosmic Fear Mode in One Punch Man 1

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Once Garo transforms into his Cosmic Fear Mode, he escapes a nuclear attack on Saitam. However, Saitama encountered Gar’s attacks indifferently. Garo comes and receives a stamp, which gives his costume number. When Garo Saitama heard grumbling on his suit, Garo commented on the insulting words the bald hero said.

He then reveals one of his tubes – Saitama Mode. Garo then released Saitam’s signature Consecutive Normal Punches. Even if Saitama was associated with his own version, Garo could still defeat him.

At the beginning of the chapter, it is explained that Bang’s Fist of Flowing Water, Crushed Rock requires control of the squeaking power of the human body. These forces are immediately diverted into the user’s fist, resulting in a violent attack. Garo uses the same stream to copy other people’s martial arts. Now that he has his Cosmic Fear Mode, he has gained access to the stream of cosmic force. Garo uses it to get what he calls modes, one of which is saitama mode.

Garo Saitama Mode in One Punch Man 1

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Copying Saitama was probably the best decision Garo had ever made. After all, Bald Cape is the most powerful creature in all of One-Punch Man. However, imitating Saitama does not mean gaining the level of a hero. Although Garo can now launch nuclear attacks, Saitam’s upper limit has not yet been discovered, so it is not yet certain whether Garo has enough strength to match Saitama’s strength. Clearly, Garo now has everything he needs to damage Saitam’s clothes – for whatever amount.

Imitation has always been Gar’s preferred method of levelling, so copying Saitama is nothing like that. It was also one of the wisest decisions he had ever made, as it allowed him to defeat Saitama, giving him a chance to defeat his opponent. Whether Saitama will survive the finisher will be known in future One-Punch Man updates.