Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Streams Movie’s Opening Scenes

The first five minutes of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero have been released online and detail Goku’s long history with the deadly Red Ribbon Army.

The first five minutes of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie have been released online.

The opening scenes of the movie were originally released to YouTube by Toei, the company that produces and distributes all of Dragon Ball’s animated entries in Japan. While Toei’s original full clip was restricted to viewers in Japan only, Twitter user @zerolelouch90 shared the first half of the clip on social media. The video reveals that the movie begins with an impressively re-animated recap of young Goku’s encounters with the Red Ribbon Army, including his battles with the criminal organization’s original leaders, Commander Red and Staff Officer Black. The clip also goes into detail on Dr. Gero, the scientific genius behind the army’s weapons, who would eventually go on to create Androids 17 and 18, as well as the genetically-engineered Cell in an alternate timeline.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero opened in Japan on June 11. The film has performed relatively well, earning 1 billion yen (about $7 million USD) in its first two weeks in theaters, though it is notably failing to match the box-office performance of several of the most recent Dragon Ball movies, including 2018’s Dragon Ball Super: Broly, which is still the highest grossing movie in the franchise’s entire history. The movie dropped to second place in its second weekend, where its spot at the top of the Japanese sales charts was usurped by Tom Cruise’s global blockbuster Top Gun Maverick, which experienced a resurgence of popularity in its fourth week in theatres.

While Goku is the star of the clip, the majority of the movie itself centers on Gohan and Piccolo, as the master and protegé duo are once again forced to fight alongside each other when the newly reborn Red Ribbon Army kidnaps the Saiyan’s daughter, Pan, and unleashes two new android warriors, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. The movie is set after the events of Broly and features new designs for Pan, Goten, Trunks, Android 18 and many other members of the series’ reoccuring cast.

Fans who don’t want to see more of the film until it’s released worldwide this August are urged to avoid social media, as multiple, massive spoilers about Super Hero’s plot and biggest twists immediately began trending on Twitter following its Japanese premiere. The movie will be released in North America by Crunchyroll on Aug. 19.

Crunchyroll is also streaming all of the previous Dragon Ball anime series on its subscription service. Akira Toriyama’s original Dragon Ball manga and the on-going Dragon Ball Super series are both available in English from VIZ Media.