Ricky Martin Denies Relationship With His Nephew

Ricky Martin has denied the rumours with his nephew. In a statement released today, Martin’s attorney, Marty Singer, said: “Unfortunately, the plaintiff has struggled with serious mental health issues.

Of course, Ricky Martin has never been and never will be involved in sex.

“This idea is not only wrong, it’s disgusting,” he said. “We all want this man to get the help he desperately needs. But above all, we hope that this terrible situation will be lifted as soon as the judge confirms the truth. “

Martin’s lawyer spoke today after the rumours began circulating online on Friday. The singer has not named Martin’s son-in-law, and it is not yet clear if the son-in-law is a legal representative.

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The comments from Martin’s lawyer and the new allegations against him come a week after a Puerto Rican judge issued a restraining order against the singer.

A police spokesman, Axel Valencia, previously told The Associated Press that he could not give details of who requested the ban because the ban was sent based on the national law of Porto Rico.

A copy of the ban was not received today and city police did not respond to our request for comment.