My Hero Academia: Shigaraki Tomura’s Simple Growth Skills Explained

In My Hero Academia Chapter 358, Shigaraki Tomura finally explains the secret to his spooky new ability, Simple Growth. Before the final chapter of My Hero Academia, Shigaraki had only given Tomura a glimpse of his simple growth abilities, but it was enough for the heroes to decide that he had reached an unprecedented level of threat.

He easily slows down a team. over six Pro Heroes, and he felt comfortable enough to revel in his newfound abilities while he contemplated his plans for world domination. This is how Shigaraki Simple Growth works. the name suggests. Shigaraki is now able to change his body composition at will, increasing or decreasing his overall mass without the aid of a Quirk or other supporting items. The fact that it’s an innate ability of his body suggests that the normal rules for Quirks don’t apply to Basic Growth. You probably don’t have a time limit to mod your body while attacking quirks like Eraserhead and Monoma Neito’s Combined Erase, it won’t affect him at all.

Easy growth was the result of the transformational process that Dr. Garaki Shigaraki performed to give him the power he was previously seeking and All For One Quirk has fully settled and taken root in him. His body’s toughness increased almost to All Might’s level. best to deal with the strain of dozens of Quirks, but with Simple Growth he conquered the Quirk singularity.

My Hero Academia Shigaraki

Each of the Quirks Shigaraki inherited have different activation modes and body parts that affect them when used. With Simple Growth’s ability to manifest from body parts at will, Shigaraki will be able to use many different Quirks at once without combining them into a single attack or overloading his conventional body.The inner workings of Simple Growth’s abilities that have finally been revealed have done little to clear up the confusion over whether All For One or Shigaraki himself is in control of the body. There doesn’t seem to be a struggle for control anymore as Shigaraki just concentrates. on a target now. He believes that the power Simple Growth bestows on him is absolute and that it will only be a matter of time before the heroes who face him in battle, and the society they soon seek to protect, fall.

Shigaraki further expanded his view of the world after it was conquered, stating that the Quirks’ current society is unequally divided. He claimed that it unfairly favored those with desirable quirks that weren’t visually unpleasant. He asked, in what could only be described as a joke, why the heroes who claimed to be desperately fighting for peace were not for his idea of ​​total submission to him. There would no longer be a caste system based on Quirks viability as everyone would be forced to submit to it.These sublime speeches in My Hero Academia are more characteristic of All For One than Shigaraki. In his last unequivocal appearance, Shigaraki’s goal was still the total destruction of society, with no ideas of reform or domination. All For One seems to have the upper hand. Deliver Shigaraki to the fight for his body, but this balance is unlikely to last until the end of the story.

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